• halo effect
  • Know the Secret to Popularity: The Halo Effect

    Halo Effect

    In social psychology, our tendency to classify a person as good or bad in one category makes it more likely for us to gauge the person positively or negatively in other categories as well. It may appear that we find it hard to isolat

  • contact hypothesis
  • Battling Prejudice with the Contact Hypothesis

    Contact Hypothesis

    According to this hypothesis, if people in conflict are brought together then they will begin to understand each other better and the conflict will be resolved. In effect, the rules of social psychology dictate that increasing

  • repulsion hypothesis
  • Attract the Right People Using the Repulsion Hypothesis

    Repulsion Hypothesis

    According to popular psychological theories, we are most attracted to people who share similar attitudes with us. While we can surely get along with those whose attitudes vary a little, but we will be completely repulsed by tho

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