Why You Should Fear the Nocebo...


Why You Should Fear the Nocebo Effect

Nocebo effect occurs when inert substances or the suggestions of the inert substances results in an actual negative effect on a patient. Some patients experience actual symptoms if they are informed about the potential side effect of a medication or medical procedure. The effect mostly occurs due to the reaction of the patient to the expectation.


Nocebo and Mere Thought Effect

Nocebo effect is closely related to the mere thought effect. They are both psychological theories. The mere though effect takes place when the thought of an issue, event or object, creates a perception of more significance. The increase in the significance of the issues, event or object, causes an increase in attitudes. Mere thought effect is reduced when individuals engage in critical thinking. Careful analysis of an issue reduces mere thought effect because it takes into consideration various alternatives.


Managing nocebo and mere thought effect

It is important to control the nocebo and mere thought effects experienced by people. The intention of proper control is to make people make sound decisions regarding their experiences or activities. Proper control is realized by enabling people to analyze alternatives adequately. In business, a customer can reduce mere thought effect by thinking about several substitutes to a product or service. This will enable him or her to choose the most appropriate product. In healthcare, the nocebo effect can be minimized through informing the patient about both positive and negative effects of medication. Patients will select a medication that has more health benefits than any side effects.



Psychological theories are important because they enable experts in various professions to understand how to offer services to the customers or clients. Healthcare professionals can encourage a patient to use a specified medical procedure by continuously stating the importance or benefits. Business people also use advertisements to illustrate regularly the benefits of using their products or services.

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