• priming
  • How Priming Can Be Linked to Obesity

    Obesity is a growing concern for the world, becoming a major cause of death and chronic illnesses, especially amongst the young population. Supporters of good health identified food advertising as a considerable contributor to the obesity epidemic. They suggested that consta

  • recency effect
  • How Recency Effect Influences Shopping Behavior of Customers

    Recency effect means using recent experience and knowledge to determine future occurrences. People mostly remember the experience that has occurred recently or knowledge that has been generated recently. Recent knowledge and experience are, therefore, easily used to analyze

  • nocebo
  • Why You Should Fear the Nocebo Effect

    Nocebo effect occurs when inert substances or the suggestions of the inert substances results in an actual negative effect on a patient. Some patients experience actual symptoms if they are informed about the potential side effect of a medication or medical procedure. The ef

  • benjamin-franklin
  • The Ben Franklin Effect Can Boost Your Love Life

    Is it possible to magically turn a rival into a supporter simply by inducing them to do you a favor? This sounds far-fetched but turns out it shares a lot with psychology of attitudes and worked for Ben Franklin. In his autobiography, Franklin narrates how he dealt with hos

  • contact hypothesis
  • Battling Prejudice with the Contact Hypothesis

    Contact Hypothesis

    According to this hypothesis, if people in conflict are brought together then they will begin to understand each other better and the conflict will be resolved. In effect, the rules of social psychology dictate that increasing