• recency effect
  • How Recency Effect Influences Shopping Behavior of Customers

    Recency effect means using recent experience and knowledge to determine future occurrences. People mostly remember the experience that has occurred recently or knowledge that has been generated recently. Recent knowledge and experience are, therefore, easily used to analyze

  • sleeper effect
  • Persistance is Key to Maximize the Sleeper Effect

    Sleeper Effect

    In social psychology, this is used to describe the impact of a persuasive message. Generally, the power of a persuasive message will tend to fade over time. With the sleeper effect, a message from a low-authority source can gain mome

  • halo effect
  • Know the Secret to Popularity: The Halo Effect

    Halo Effect

    In social psychology, our tendency to classify a person as good or bad in one category makes it more likely for us to gauge the person positively or negatively in other categories as well. It may appear that we find it hard to isolat